Before starting to organize your child's baptism, you must choose the appropriate date for baptism and be informed about what is necessary for baptism.

In order for your child's baptism to succeed and for the party to become a truly pleasant memory, not a day full of worries, it is good to have a plan to follow in your organization. We would like to offer you a basic plan, which of course you have to adapt to your party.

  • Choose the godfather and godmother and invite them
  • Choose a date of the baptism.
    Choose a church to perform the Blessed Sacrament - this is one of the rituals that are performed in a church. Consider the size of the church with the expected number of guests. When you book the desired date, prepare to leave a deposit (in some churches there is a fixed price, in others the offer is at the discretion of the family), take note of the date and time and a list of items that you must wear the day of baptism.
  • Make a list of guests you want to invite. Do not forget to mark the children, and on the list to include yourself and the godparents.
  • For the refreshment, choose whether to do it at home, in a restaurant or in a garden. When choosing a restaurant, consider its capacity with the expected number of guests. If you choose the garden option that is extremely suitable for summer, remember that the weather can not be planned and is good or covered garden or have a reserve option in case of rain. When choosing a menu, consider the time of start of the celebration and choose the most suitable food.
  • It's time to choose and order the invitations if you do them, of course. The label requires at least a month in advance to inform your guests of the next baptism, but even if you have less time, the invitations remain a wonderful reminder of your party.
  • Deliver the invitations and update the guest list.
  • Discuss with the godfathers about the tasks during the celebration.
  • Choose and order the accessories required for the party. Be sure to select a theme for the event, so that the party is interesting, unique and memorable.
  • Take care of baby clothes and shoes. If you have a girl you could opt for an original solution: wear the same model of mother and daughter dress. You can find some ideas here.
  • Choose and hire a photographer: everything you have prepared, all the emotions and the solemnity of that day deserve to be filmed. Do not leave this to your guests. Choose a professional, who is prepared and will not miss any important moment of the party. We will be happy to offer you an interesting catalog of albums to keep the photos taken. If you want to have a video of the event, you must also choose a video operator. If you want to have a special musical layout in the restaurant, it is good to hire a DJ.
  • Consider a decoration for the church and the restaurant.
  • After receiving a confirmation from your guests, communicate the number of guests to the restaurant and discuss the final menu.
  • Do not forget to choose and order a unique cake for your party. When choosing a cake, pay attention not only to the decoration, but also to the filling. Considering the age of children, it is better not to choose peanuts and take into account that many parents limit chocolate to children. Make sure the cake is not missing anyone.
  • Check the list the day before your baptism and make sure you have everything you need for the church. Check and confirm the church and restaurant decorations and the cake - delivery, time and place.
  • On the day of baptism the most important thing is to be calm. Plan your time so that you are in front of the church at least 15-20 minutes before.

If you consider everything here, the day will be a wonderful party. If you want to be completely relaxed, you can take advantage of the services of a consultant. It will be with you from the beginning and will take care of everything.