There are so many moments that a man should document in a photo album, from our first seconds to the wrinkles of wisdom that bring to old age, but we can bring six of the most important:

1. The birth

The birth of a baby is one of the most exciting moments of a parent and deserves to be first on this list. For this at birth you should create an album with the most wonderful moments of this experience.

2. The degree

Graduation is the moment when a person passes from preparation to the world of work, an event that divides life into two, but above all a moment of pride. Why don’t stop this moment forever in an album?

3. The "old age"

It is said that with the advancement of the age it becomes more and more nostalgic, and the memory begins to cling; so why not make life easier and create an album where your memories of grandchildren, children, and the most beautiful moments of your retirement will be collected.

4. The school

The school is a passage of everyone, but with her you bring memories of the first friendships and emotions. An album on the school not only would make the parents smile, but also the children, after time.

5. Wedding

Well ... no need to explain it, of course it is a great rite of passing and even the most romantic to be reviewed together. Right?

6. ...Every happy moment deserves to be stopped in a moment

But at the end every good moment deserves to be remembered, do not need special occasions to photograph it, which is simply a friendship or a family reunion.